Standard VWAP was yesterday. Today is Multiday VWAP!

Anchor your VWAP, wherever you want to.



Anchor your VWAP wherever you want

There is a huge distinction between an indicator and a real NinjaTrader drawing tool. A tool should be a tool. Flexible. Dynamic. And therefore easy to use on the fly. That’s exactly how our VWAP Tool is designed. You can attach the base (the anchor) to whichever candle you want. 

By that simple approach you will find an answer to the question: „Who is in control since X?“

Here you see the anchor at the low from earnings. See how institutions use the pullbacks to buy at the fairest price after that.

Once installed you’ll find the VWAP Tool directly in the drawing tools in NinjaTrader 8. Pro Tip: AUse a HOtkey to apply the drawing tool even faster! In this case I just pressed ALT+2 to choose the tool and with one more click I’ve applied the tool! It’s that simple.

You can apply the VWAP Tool on every timeframe and market. The example on TSLA included the premarket and after hours session. It is very obvious to see that institutions use the VWAP from those swing highs and lows to identify best support and resistance prices!

The Deal

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NinjaTrader 8

Our Anchored-VWAP is coded for NinjaTrader 8

Lifetime License

With the purchase you will get a lifetime license which can be activated on 2 devices


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The best VWAP Indicator for NinjaTrader 8
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Get our dynamic VWAP Drawing Tool for NinjaTrader 8 and find hidden support & resistance levels. Whether it is a 2-Day VWAP or a 10-Day VWAP you want to research.

Trade with the big boys.

After purchase you will automatically receive an email with the Download Link and your licence key. Install the .exe while having NT8 closed. Reopen after install and you’ll find VWAP under Drawing Tools.

249 €

for Lifetime License